I will scan your 7 main Chakras and aura

scan your 7 main Chakras and aura

About This Gig

The Aura body represents physical , mental , spiritual as well as emotional energies of a human being.Aura is directly connected to the health of the person
I will look at your current Auric condition and colours and will provide you accurate message for your spiritual growth.
I will  scan your 7 main chakras ,  (Crown, 3rd Eye, Throat, Heart, Power Center, Sacral, Root) both front and back for energy blocks.

Pets are also welcome!

Aura and Chakra cleansing are available in gig extras. Also look out for negative energy removal.

Extras : 
I will clear all negative energy and remove unwanted particles to restore relaxation and good health. I will also seal the aura so that its protected from negative energies.