I will send you reiki healing for 1 day

send you reiki healing for 1 day

About This Gig

The word 'Reiki' means Universal Life Force Energy. The purpose is to heal not only physical problems, but also emotions, mind and spirit to help you lead a well balanced, healthy and happy life.

The experience of Reiki can be very profound. Many people report sensations of warmth or tingling and many experience a deep sense of peace, relaxation and well-being. The energy works to balance your energy system at all levels and to relieve the subtle causes of many states of ill health or emotional discomfort.
 A Reiki session usually creates feelings of deep relaxation and inner peace, providing the body with an ideal environment to maximize its natural healing processes and allow the relief of all kinds of symptoms, from backache to the blues. Although many have tried rational explanations, there remains a mystery that cannot be explained by words, but must be understood through experience.