I will recover lost data for you

About This Gig

With the advent of digital storage, we are more dependent than ever on our digital devices. These devices inevitably fail on us or we make mistakes and format the wrong drive. This is not the end of the world, however it is pivotal that you follow the below guidelines to increase the chances of recovery.

*Do not save any data to the drive in which the data was lost 
    -This increases the chance that the data you need will be entirely or partially overwritten

*Do not attempt to install any software on the device itself or use it if at all possible
    -Again, this increases the chance that data will be lost entirely

*Contact me immediately for free to discuss the issues you have and the situation. I will give you the utmost attention and ensure your data is recovered if it is possible.

It is very important that you trust who you have working on your device. As a police officer and a Cyber Crimes Detective, I have spent my entire adult life serving the public. I am also an internationally certified examiner, and not a high school kid looking for some extra cash. If the job is not done right, serious damage can be done. Please don't pay someone $5.

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