I will be your check in and support buddy

be your check in and support buddy

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Description Little Help More Help Full Help
  2 texts or e-mails per day for 7 days up to 5 texts or e-mails per day for 14 days up to 5 texts or e-mails per day for 30 days.
Delivery time 7 days 14 days 29 days
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About This Gig

Creating new habits, breaking old ones, on a new journey and need a check in buddy.  I can text you each day or you can text me at a set time to say hey -- how are things are going, done, finished, or couldn't do, will try again tomorrow.

Supported by a real human -- not an app, not an auto-reply, but a real human.

Some of my clients have anxiety so they text me if they are having a panic attack, I text back I hear you, breath, just breath slowly, hugs..... and they feel someone is there saying 'you are going to be ok' or 'its ok'.  You create the help you need, how you need it.

More well-known clients get a call saying, 'its ok, you are ok, breathe' or support with their insecurities 'you will do great, I know you will you have done the work, now go start your meeting'.

For this gig - some ideas of help to achieve your goals
- text and email reminders from me or you
- send me completed task list, write-up or schedule completed

**Confidential and Privacy Assured at all times!!  I make my living on being discrete.

Please note when you reply or initiate a text/SMS I am in Canada - extra charges may apply to your mobile account (this is your $ responsibility).

Here to be your support buddy!