I will let the cards give insight to your life

let the cards give insight to your life
let the cards give insight to your life

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Description Three Card Tarot Spread Celtic Spread Lover's Spread
  Receive insight to your past, present, and future. One question, ten cards involving everything in your life affecting the question. Includes outcome. Tarot spread for question revolving love. Involves a reading for you and your partner combined.
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About This Gig

Need guidance? Have a question and need a sense of knowing? I have been doing tarot readings and cleansing for the last 11 years. Learning from a spiritual teacher and being intuitive, I have found through asking you shall receive answers and positive guidance. The three card spread can tell you Past, Present and Future. Great for asking a simple question, or simply wanting to know guidance for the day, week, or month. The Celtic Spread is a ten card spread that provides guidance, setting up a path off the basis of the question you ask. Not only will it tell you past, present, and future, but where you stand, where other people in your life stand, hopes and fears, and outcome (which can provide a time frame, if you stay on the course you are currently on). The Lover's Spread can provide answer to your relationship question including insight to you and your partner. I can also combine readings with sage clearings through burning sage and meditation.

With each reading purchased, you will receive a photo of the card spread relating to your question and a typed description of the full meaning of each card and how it pertains to you!

Get ready for some clarity with positive readings!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will my reading be negative?
    No. With angel oracle cards readings are positive only suggesting things that will benefit your wellbeing.
  • What if my reading doesn't make sense?
    All readings are relevant to you. Sometimes readings don't seem clear because you think of multiple questions, or think of multiple factors. Clear your mind. Sometimes we pull cards that have meaning to us but sometimes in abstract ways or in the future. So trust in the universe.