I will provide 30 min life coaching service on skype

provide 30 min life coaching service on skype

About This Gig

Olivier works with a diverse group of individuals and professionals and helps them achieving their purpose in life by finding their mission on Earth.As a guide, he will guide throught your pathway to a powerful life with success.

Some coaching topics include:
  • Goal -setting,
  • Eliminating proscratination,
  • Boosting self - image,
  • Improving health and wellness,
  • Improving work / life balance,
  • Discovering your values,
  • Improving career satisfaction.

Professional goals covers:
  • helping clients towards career transition,
  • Improving communication in your business,
  • Enhancing your career,
  • Dealing with conflicts,
  • improving your ability in team building,

For $5  I will provide a 30 minutes skype conference call to discuss career and personal goals towards a successful living.

Don't live the life you don't want anymore and replace it with the one you would love living

This session will only be delivered by skype, so before ordering please check if you have access to SKYPE.

Otherwise, I will cancel the order

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