I will write a 500 word blog post or article that doesnt SUCK

write a 500 word blog post or article that doesnt SUCK

About This Gig

Look, I feel your pain. I've looked through the profiles on here. There's a lot of good. And a lot of .... not good. I've seen the cookie cutter profiles. The offers that are all exactly the same. The unshakable feeling that the English national whose been writing for 15 years sounds suspiciously like a Chinese robot.

Maybe that's what you want. I'm not judging. Perhaps your clients want flat, featureless writing that reads like the manual to a dishwasher. Could be that's what they secretly like?

I'm certainly not any of that. My name's Ollie. Hi. I've been writing since I could hold a pen. And when I let myself go I write exactly as I talk. In my own idiosyncratic, inimitable style.

Don't worry, with me you still get everything you expect. Rewrites, research, easy communication. I'm still a professional, after all. 

So if you want words that pop off of the page, that have verve and personality, that have a little bit of life to them, you know where I am.

PS Just in case you don't, that means you can get hold of me by clicking the big green Order now button up in the top right. Or down the bottom. Either works for me.

PPS Seriously. Click it. It'll make everything right with the world.

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3 days delivery 1 Revision

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500 words, just the way you want it. After all, you're the one paying.

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This Package includes 500 words. For each additional 500 words, the price is $5.