I will hand write and send you a postcard from the UK

hand write and send you a postcard from the UK

About This Gig

In this day of "we must have everything now-if not sooner", of instant, fast and super fast.....what people rarely get any more is a nice hand written message, a proper one, with a stamp, sent right to their letterbox. 

It's a great feeling getting a good old fashioned piece of snail mail. I love it, I call it happy mail. 

A message from a loved one, a family member who lives far away, an old friend.....or a complete stranger, like me, filling you in on their day, sending a kind word. 

I'll happily send you a nice handwritten postcard and mail it to you, anywhere in the world. I'll tell you about my day, ask of yours and share with you some kind words to make you smile, or perhaps something that will make you laugh.....it will just depend on the day......but it will never be sad, or mad, or bad, that's a promise.

Who wouldn't love that?

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14 days delivery