I will test your website and provide ui and ux feedback

test your website and provide ui and ux feedback
test your website and provide ui and ux feedback
test your website and provide ui and ux feedback

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Description Quick Lookaround UI & UX review In deep review
  -Five (5) tests. -Focus prominently on what's wrong to maximize the outcome of the review. -20 to 25 tests. -Usually covers full review of home page and a search page. -Best value. -Up to 50 tests. -I can follow your test scenarios. -I can create up to two accounts / profiles.
Test Desktop
Seller will test your site/product in a desktop environment (see specifics in description).
Annotated Screen Shots
Seller will add annotated screenshots highlighting specific issues in your site/product.
Summary Report
Seller will provide a written report highlighting issues and providing recommendations regarding the UX of the site/product.
Test Scenario
Seller will follow a specific test scenario provided by you (e.g. registration, adding product to cart, searching etc.).
Pages Tested
Number of pages/screens of your site/product the seller will test.
1 1 5
The number of tweaks the seller includes.
1 2
Delivery time
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About This Gig

Whether it is that you're working on a new website or that you have a few websites up and running, user testing is always a great way to improve.

As a programmer, I know testing is fundamental, that's why I always try to make everything as robust as possible. I accomplish this by thinking both as the programmer (who knows exactly how everything should work and what's everything for), and as the end user (who may make a few mistakes here and there).

What I offer here is UI & UX testing on your website, I'll go step by step from main page to register (if applies) and testing every page / functionality, providing insightful comments on what I did like or dislike about your site and how I think it could be improved to provide a better end-user experience and minimize possible errors or glitches along the way, all in a nice UAT report format.

  • Excel UAT results, includes links to screenshots to highlight a point whenever necessary.
  • Important sidenote: I Always oversell!
  • And finally, I'm open to custom offers as well, so
  • Please inbox first to sort out all the details, and feel free to ask for sample of work.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How your reviewing goes?
    What I usually do here is I enter the site and take a first look, then I start browsing the page top to bottom, looking for every single detail I can, highlighting the good, the bad and the ugly. Providing feedback and suggestions accordingly.
  • What are tests?
    Tests are every single revision I make, any observation I can have, every error or problem I can spot, that's basically it, I just gave it a name to generalize and provide a total count for the sell.
  • Can you tell me more about your UAT format?
    Of course. Each "test" will be a line on the Excel file. Columns: -Test ID -Page -Feature -Description (What I tested) -Login (Y/N login details) -Results (Pass, Fail, Works ok but could improve, Suggestion) -Date of Test It also includes a sheet for screenshots (in a link to prntscr).
  • Do you include screenshots?
    Yes, whenever I need to highlight a specific I'll include screenshot(s) highlighting the details. Screenshots will be in a link format using Lightshot (prntscr.com). They'll be included with a reference number and the link in another sheet, and on the test I'll place a reference to the SS.
  • Do you review sites in other languages?
    Yes, as a matter of fact I do. I can review sites in Spanish as well for free, or in other languages for an extra (please check the extras section).
  • Can you test in multiple devices?
    Yes, I can test on my desktop or laptop, and for an extra, I can test on android Phone (OnePlus X, 5" screen) and/or android tablet (Amazon Fire 4th gen, 7" screen). Please check the extras for more details.
  • Why won't you take orders without going through inbox first?
    Unfortunately, I've had bad experiences in the past, leading to cancellations or bad reviews / disputes, since the customer didn't like the work done, which is why I always offer to send samples of previous works to know what you can expect from me and this gig.