I will proffesionaly Mastering Your Track for $5

/ 2 Days On Average
proffesionaly Mastering Your Track
proffesionaly Mastering Your Track

About This Gig

Hey ,My Name Is MetroV ,Im An Electro House Producer With 5 Years Of Expiriace

I Will Proffesionaly Master One Electronic Track In Those Genre :
Electro House 
Tropical House
Deep House
For Any Other Style ,Messege Me Before Ordering ..

I guarantee your mixes will Be High Quality ,
 there will be no charge up on different options or revisions (unlimited). 

First off, you get to TRY IT FOR FREE! Send me a message and get a FREE mastering demo.

What I need from you

1 mixed WAV audio file with enough headroom and no compressor, equalizer or limiter on the master channel. Basically, please make sure the output level is not too loud. The ideal output level should be -6dB :) 

Mastering Steps & what you get:

I will send you a mastered WAV file - compression, limiting, EQ, normalization, reverb, stereo widening and harmonic excitement. 
• 24h Delivery & 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If you are notfully satisfied you'll get your money back!
• Sales queue WON'T affect delivery time.
• After Mastering your Track will have more Loudness, Punch, Warmth, Clarity and Stereo. Radio Ready!