I will add the Slenderman to any picture

Thanks man it came out great... even with a low quality poc
Reviewed by smartasteroid24 over 4 years ago
OMFG This is amazing!!! I love it!!! Very Very Satisfied!!! Very Good Service And Seller!!!!
Reviewed by xxdempsyxx over 4 years ago
add the Slenderman to any picture
add the Slenderman to any picture
add the Slenderman to any picture

About This Gig

To those who don't know what the Slenderman is, he is a tall, faceless humanoid(wearing a business suit and tie) that creeps around and abducts you in a first person POV game called Slender. The Slenderman has become very popular on the internet as a fun scare-reaction game character and internet phenomenon in the past few months. Now imagine having the Slenderman pop up in any of your photos, whether it be an old family reunion picture, or a picture of a friend's birthday party. In just about any picture, I will be able to insert the Slenderman to stalk someone or a group in the picture, or even have him standing outside in the backyard. I will be able to quickly and thoroughly edit the Slenderman in so it would fit realistically into the picture. The only reason why 2 days may be a maximum waiting time for the finished product is because I may have other obligations in the future. Regardless, I will finish orders as efficiently as possible. The picture will be the exact same size as the photo provided, as I am only altering the picture. Optional Extra: I can add static to the picture, slightly similar to the static in the game Slender.

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2 days delivery