I will proof your website across multiple platforms

proof your website across multiple platforms

About This Gig

For 2X this gig, or $10 total, I will proofread up to five pages of your website, not only for typos, but also for consistency, poorly written text, "flow," and whether or not it is "on page optimized." (If it is not on-page optimized, you will have a hard time getting it ranked on page 1 consistently, no matter how many links you build.)

I will also check your website across multiple platforms - if you've got two sites, a "regular" site and a mobile site, I will check both of them. Do you have code on your "regular" site that redirects smartphones to your "mobile site"?  I"ll make sure that happens.

1. Kindle Fire - Silk browser
2. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 - Explorer browser (automatically redirects to mobile phone sites)
3. iPad - Safari browser
4. Jitterbug Smart phone
5. HP Pavilion running XP, LG 22 inch screen, old Safari and Explorer browsers
6.  HP All in one running Windows 8
7. Apple iMac All in One