I will teach you how to create a GoDaddy website

teach you how to create a GoDaddy website

About This Gig

In a sense it's easy to create your own website these days - most ISPs (internet service providers) offer some kind of website builder.

But just because you can create pages easily, and drag and drop photos and write some text, doesn't necessarily mean your new site is going to do the job you want it to do.

And every website builder has a few quirks.

If you're encountering quirks in GoDaddy's website builder or online store builder, or in blogger.com also.- I'll be happy to be your website building tutor and answer your questions.

Is there an easy way for a photo or logo to appear on every page? How can I get my text from moving about when I accidentally mouse over it? How can I move the menu choices around? When should I use buttons. How hard is it to create a form.

I'll answer those questions and more.

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1 day delivery 1 Revision

GoDaddy or Blogger Tutor

I'll answer five questions about creating your website