I will write words of great encouragement just for you


About This Gig


It takes a free mind to nourish and feed our creative imagination!

It takes a free and creative imagination to think, visualize, and conspire within ourselves enough to take actions and break through what is holding us back. It takes encouragement and support to bolster our self esteem and confidence levels enough to charge forward and make our life a masterpiece.

I have a gift. Some say I live a charmed life because I've discovered powerful tips, tricks and actions that will lift your spirits and nudge you happily forward. I seem to have quietly become somewhat of a life coach and thought/change cheerleader.

This gig will encourage you and cheer you on to rise and be more.

I will write you a healthy sized letter of often times badly needed encouragement and support. And I will write it to give as a gift as well! In addition, I'll refer to various books, articles and google searches which will assist in generating one's own encouragement, self esteem and confidence automatically.

Purchasing  additional gigs will get you increased use and action value many times over the additional nominal costs.

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