I will tutor you in Chemistry and Biology

tutor you in Chemistry and Biology

About This Gig

Are you struggling to pass your science classes? Do you find it difficult to understand the concepts being taught and what is being asked of you on quizzes and exams?

With a bachelor's degree in Biochemistry and an MCAT score within the 96th percentile, I am your certified science tutor. 

For the Basic Gig of $5, I will tutor you in any
Biology or Chemistry course. High school or college level (ranging from lower division ie) introductory Chemistry/Biology to  upper division classes ie) Biochemistry, Cellular Molecular Biology, etc, for up to 15 minutes ($20/hr). I have worked with over 150 different individuals as well as completed over 200 Biology/Chemistry assignments on my other gig (refer to my profile to find my homework gig).

We will use  an online whiteboard to discuss any problems, questions, or related concepts you want clarity in.

For any questions, problems, or concerns, feel free to message my inbox. For any custom offers, inquiries, requests, leave a message in my inbox and we can discuss the details of that content.

Inbox me the requirements and any details for your homework prior to requesting this gig, otherwise, I may not be able to complete your task on time.