I will build you a custom responsive Joomla website

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build you a custom responsive Joomla website
build you a custom responsive Joomla website
build you a custom responsive Joomla website
build you a custom responsive Joomla website
build you a custom responsive Joomla website
build you a custom responsive Joomla website

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Description ✹Basic Bespoke Website✹ ✹Advanced Bespoke Website✹ ✹Supreme Bespoke Website✹
  Development of a unique design for Joomla customized to your exact specifications All of the standard package + multilingual + custom extensions development & extensions overriding All of the Advanced Package + adding a security layer & Search Engine Optimization.
Responsive Design
Seller will create a responsive design to support all devices
Content Upload
Seller will upload provided content to pages/blog on your website.
Design Customization
Seller will customize the color scheme and layout of your website.
E-Commerce Functionality
Seller will add e-commerce functionality to your website.
Number of Products
Seller will add the number of products indicated to your website
8 18
Number of Pages
Seller will add the amount of pages indicated to your website
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Delivery Time
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About This Gig

I specialize in Joomla web development (templates and apps) from inception to delivery. I build true custom templates from a
clean slate that suit your exact requirements.

What is good about this offer?
1. There are many Joomla developers that say their templates are custom, but if you look at their portfolios you can see they customize ready commercial or free templates. They do not code from scratch.

2. Commercial (premium) templates are built with no client in mind, that means more complexity, less SEO friendly, slower website, hard to scale and maintain, and template has to come loaded with every possible bit of code that any client may perhaps need.

3. Custom templates can be kept lightweight, so there is no need for irrelevant javascript, CSS, extra jQuery or Motools, Less files and less code means site is more SEO friendly, loads faster, and unique. 

4. Commercial templates may seem cheaper but can cost two or three times as much down the road to make simple structural upgrades because of all the complexity in it. 

Note: please contact me before placing an order,  the prices may vary as per your specific requirements and special features that you want to include

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why does it matter if I use a commercial or custom template?
    If you really care about your business, the performance of your website & your search engine ranking, then it really matters because the commercial template you might be using could be used by other thousands of people, So your website may look like everyone else's website.
  • What is the value of custom template?
    1. Your branding will be much stronger when a site is designed to fit you. 2. Companies & people can easily tell if your website is using a commercial template, that means less work for you, less trust and less professionalism
  • How can you tell if a site is using a commercial template? Part 1
    1.Open the site with any browser right click and click 'view source'; alternatively, hit Ctrl + U on the keyboard. 2. scan through the code and look for the “generator” inside the head tags to see which CMS is being used. Example: meta name=”generator” content=”Joomla! 3.X ...etc.
  • How can you tell if a site is using a commercial template? Part 2
    Look for the word that follows /templates/ if that word is the name of the company, you’re probably looking at a custom template. Otherwise, the site is 99.9% is built using a commercial or free template.
  • Commercial Templates VS Custom Templates (RESTRICTIONS VS FREEDOM)
    With commercial templates you can build what they let you build, while with custom templates I will build you a professional website upon your needs and specifications. In short, the difference is: Building a website with what they let you build VS Building a website with what you want to build.
  • Why are you more expensive than others? Part 1
    I don't believe that I am more expensive than others, however if you feel that I am, then the difference is I develop things from scratch to keep my work clean and original, others offer you a theme of their choice at $200 that means two clicks of template installation (5 minutes work)
  • Why are you more expensive than others? Part 2
    You simply get what you pay for! at the end of the day anyone can pick up a camera and call themselves a photographer, however it takes more than pushing a button to getting great pictures!
  • What I can’t help you with?
    To keep this simple and short, I don't do any adult content, nudity, casino, gambling or religious websites.