I will give you advice on auto repair and save you money

give you advice on auto repair and save you money

About This Gig

I have worked on all aspects of automobile repair. I've seen first hand hard working people getting overcharged by garages because they have no clue if the mechanic is telling the truth or not. You could be getting charged for a major repair when all it may be is a $3.00 spark plug. There are also many repairs that you can do yourself with a little guidance from me. For $5 I may be able to save you hundreds or even thousands.  After talking with me you will at least know your options and be informed on what the problem is and what it should cost you to have it fixed. If you have a car that's going to the garage and you have no clue why, Let me help you. I can even send you an estimate of parts and labor. That's a lot of information for only $5.00. Garages charge up to $125.00 per hour to diagnose your vehicle. I am doing this because It happens all the time. Mainly to women. Don't let it happen to you.

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