I will setup your Enterprise Office Wireless Network

setup your Enterprise Office Wireless Network

About This Gig

I've wide range of Enterprise Wireless Network Implementation and Configuration experience. Whether your solution is Wireless Controller base, Stand alone base or Instant / Built in Controller base, I can handle all size  of business or home  Wireless Access Point products.(HP / Aruba, Avaya, Peplink, Linksys, D-link, Trapeze)

Below are the details

New Installation :-

Whether you are IT Contractor and Direct customer I'll help you to design to implement your Wireless Network Access Points.

Audit / Troubleshooting :-

if you are suffering from your existing wireless network i can help you to audit and troubleshoot your existing Wireless Network. So you can run your Business will smooth.

Wireless VoIP / Wireless Phone :-

I can design and configure your Wireless network to support your Wireless IP Phones communication. Will implement Best QoS (WMM) for IP Phones with proper and unique Radio channel distribution

Multiple SSID:-

Will Configure your Network with Multiple SSID's e.g (One for Employees and 1 SSID for Guest )

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