I will mention your product or service to a 20K audience on Twitter

mention your product or service to a 20K audience on Twitter

About This Gig

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Does posting your sales pitch on Twitter about your product or service seems like a complicated online marketing problem? If so, a unique Social Media Management App (which I personally developed) creates, schedules and posts pre-written, post-dated sales messages... directly... to 20,000-plus people on Twitter.

If you were afforded an opportunity to market your product or service with this Web-based App, what would you market online today?

No worries. No sweat. If you don't have the time to log on the social network site everyday to pitch your product or service, this exclusive service can DO IT ALL for you. No problem. No drama.

With this EXCITING gig, take advantage of an EASY and FAST way to promote your information, product or service to our online audience of 20,000-plus PRIME PROSPECTS.

It doesn't matter if you're selling widgets or sharing information. If you find this service helpful, don't waste another minute: Sign up... for ONLY $5.

To learn more, contact me before ordering. Let's talk.

NOTICE: All scams (regarding adult, pharma, gambling, or other unacceptable offers) will be REJECTED!

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