I will help you live an intense and fulfilled life

help you live an intense and fulfilled life

About This Gig

The bad news:

Human life does not live up to its promise.

The more we grow up and mature, the more we invariably realise that all we have hoped would give us lasting contentment - fun, career, money, friendship, love - does not truly fulfill us in our lives.

The good news:

It is possible to grow into living an intense and fulfilled life by performing two simple mental acts.

The deal:

I will guide you to effectively perform the two mental acts.

Please do not make use of this gig, if ...
- you are living a completely fulfilled and happy life (congratulations!),
- you are expecting immediate results.

Disclaimer: Seller does not have any qualifications as medical/health practitioner. By ordering the gig, the buyer agrees with exemption from any liabilites.

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10 days delivery