I will get more pageviews to help you succeed online

get more pageviews to help you succeed online

About This Gig

Getting more pageviews is about you, your audience and the world we live in. When you find a synergy in between all three, then you have success. I have experience in social media and performance coaching. I can blend those two areas to find a way to successfully bring you the kind of attention that you want online through your social media projects.

Free Tip:

  • Engagement: Find ways to get a feeling roused in your potential follower.  Curiosity. Excitement. Disappointment. Whatever reflects your social media's true callin

  • Transportation: Get your follower involved, bring him or her, into your social media. Help them find a place in it.

  • Influence: Influence your follower be it with useful, interesting information that can help in some way.

Your Brain on Story

These three points are derived from "Your Brain on Story" Stanford lecture on Youtube. Check it out. If you want to ask me a question, then contact me. It's free and I have the time to chat.