I will help you choose goals that ensure success

help you choose goals that ensure success

About This Gig

Goals help us stay focused. If the goal is complex, then you need to set a goal to make sure you don't lose track. If you have a lot adversity, then setting a goal will force you to make a plan. We set goals when we want something so much that we want to be careful that we'll attain it.

Three goals can help you succeed better:

  • Process Goals: These goals pertain to how you do something. Your process.
  • Performance Goals: These goals are based in doing something better than you did before.
  • Outcome Goals: A external success like contest, new job or contract.

Know when you need a process, performance and outcome goals. Task-oriented people want self-improvement. They want to succeed based on their past performance. They want a personal best. Goal-oriented people want to compete against others. They want their achievements outshine others. They get the job, win the contest or win the contract.

All Three for Ultimate Success

You can combine performance and outcome goals for ultimate success. Try it! Contact me and I'll make sure you choose the right goal.

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