I will give you creativity coaching that works

give you creativity coaching that works

About This Gig

A creativity coach can help bring your creative best into the world by helping you clear whatever impediments you have to being free and original. My coaching usually combines analytical reasoning to diagnose your problem, self-compassion to offer real encouragement and Kaizen, a Japanese management strategy that can help you create a clear and effective strategy for immediate results.

This service, offered by a FIVERR gig, offers several email responses to a question you may have regarding your lack of creativity or wish to enhance it.

"I love writing, but I never seem to find the time."
"I'm a great painter, but everything has to be perfect!"
"I want to sing, but something always seems to get in the way."

You can write, paint and sing as much as you want when you get the proper encouragement you need to do it your way. Art, after all, is about originality - your originality.

The writer might look for the right mood, rather than the right time. The painter might think long term, than perfection right now. The singer might consider letting the singing getting in the way of her life, rather than vice versa.

Email coaching can change your life. Let me help you!