I will optimize Your Adwords Campaigns for $5

optimize Your Adwords Campaigns
optimize Your Adwords Campaigns

About This Gig

My team will create, optimize, and analyze any kind of PPC accounts in any industry.  We are a team of 3 Americans based in Florida, with a combined 19 years experience with Google Adwords.  All Adwords certified.

  • Campaigns based on Conversions and Budget Allocation
  • Create AdGroups based on Landing Pages and Keywords
  • Ad Copy for Search Ads
  • Image Ads in 17 Sizes for Display Campaigns
  • Mobile Campaigns 
  • Display Campaigns with Targeted Placements
  • Remarketing Display Campaigns 
  • Ad Extensions
  • Dynamic Ad Customizers
  • Countdown Timers

  • Recommend Bid Adjustments on Devices, Location, and Schedule
  • Create Adwords Script to Monitor Campaign Performance
  • Set bids to Maximize ROI based on Conversions
  • Create Conversions in Adwords or Analytics using Tag Manager
  • Recommend Budget Allocation based on Location/Keyword Research

  • Review current Account Structure and recommend changes
  • Create Detailed Reports for any time period compared to any other time period
  • Create In-Depth Reports that evalute all Performance Attributes: CPC, CTR, Quality Score, Clicks, Impressions, Search Impression etc.

Please Contact Us before ordering so we can evaluate your needs and goals on an individual basis.