I will master your song in my professional mastering suite

master your song in my professional mastering suite

About This Gig

I will use my years of experience to master your music with high end analog gear and deliver the master in High Quality 320Kbps Mp3

I want to let my work speak for it self: https://soundcloud.com/sogst/sets/mastering-before-after

$5 and you get a fully mastered track. Ready for radio play!

  1. Make sure to keep the peak audio level below -6db
  2. No effects on the master when exporting (limiter etc.)
  3. Export/bounce the song in WAV 24 or 32bit
  4. Attach the song ready for mastering right here on Fiverr. If problems arise, you can send it to me via WeTransfer or Dropbox

But always keep in mind...Great mastering can never completely fix a bad mix, so make sure to mix it properly! I will tell you if it's ready when i hear it.

Order Details

3 days delivery 1 Revision