I will show you how to publish and sell your book or ebook

show you how to publish and sell your book or ebook

About This Gig

You are writing a book or magazine, or want to market an existing one, and are wondering how to get your digital and print work out there as far as you can.

I was hired by a non profit organization to come up with new digital and print products from their body of work. I researched, studied, consulted, and consolidated my notes, into a guide that shows you the steps to take and the resources to use to spread your book.

Some of the priceless things you'll learn include how to:

Get into the top 10 marketplaces for digital issue sales.
Create on-demand printed books for extremely low costs.
Get your work into libraries, institutions, and bookstores.
Use digital magazine publishing software and services
Leverage Amazon's marketing tools
Find traditional Publishers
Help with Formating
Ecommerce tools

Plus: Educational articles, resources, and more.

I look forward to helping you get your word out there! 

Let me know if you have any questions or ideas to share.

Wishing you the best of luck!