I will get you a Link Detox report and Save your Site Rankings

get you a Link Detox report and Save your Site Rankings

About This Gig

Google Penguin is now real-time - which means that Google can now devalue backlinks to your website and hurt your rankings bad, if you don't pay attention to who's linking to your site - or if you had previously engaged in low quality Offpage SEO.

* This is where I come in! If you're feeling the effects of Penguin on your website rankings - I'll get you a full report of who's hurting you so you know who you need to get rid of.

* If you are just worried that you might suffer in the future - I will make sure whoever's pointing to you is legit and won't harm you in the future.

How I Do It

Since I have ample experience in Offpage SEO I can easily distinguish between good and bad links. I will go over your website link profile to see your site and manually find out the problematic ones and get back to you with a full, easy-to-read excel report.

I got your back!

Order Details

3 days delivery

Link Detox Report

I will create a list of all toxic backlinks currently pointing to your site impacting your rankings!