I will research secret or unusual places for your trip

research secret or unusual places for your trip
research secret or unusual places for your trip
research secret or unusual places for your trip

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Description Beginner traveller Medium traveller Hard-core traveller or backpacker
  You are starting off light and just want a couple (5) of new places on your list to visit You´ve taken the taste of it and now want 7 different places to visit to give you the choice You are hard core and are preparing a month long trip - hence you want as many places as you can
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About This Gig

With my extensive travel experiences, a wide network of fellow travellers, travel bloggers, forums, books and good searching skills - I will find you THE places to visit !

5 dollars:

Will give you 3 places and/or activities to go to in the country/region of choice that are UNCOMMON or LOCAL.


Planning to go to Belgium – will give you : 

  • an abandoned ghost town not known by many
  • a bar known only by locals for romantic dates or philosophical discussions with French music playing in the background from a jukebox
  • A small Belgian restaurant that serves delicious hamburgers and hand-cut fries out of a plant pot and a toilet that lets you leave messages in it
  • A fairy-tale like hotel


All gigs come with:

  • Link to an interactive map with exact location
  • Descriptions+must knows
  • Pictures

Before ordering the gig :

  • Be specific on what you are looking for and WHERE (music related, food, abandoned places, gardens, nature etc. The world is big and I want my results tailored to YOU)
  • Mention if first time visit or not
  • Dates

(N.B: I ask all customers to first message me about what they want before ordering a gig - I can then send you a more advantageous offer through message)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you give me an example of the kind of results I would get?
    Of course - follow this link for a search I did for one of my clients to see exactly what kind of hidden gems I searched for them (The place to explore was Edimburg and the Higlands by car) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1oohm5VEFjIoIPvDwRwZOPnD3Syk&usp=sharing
  • Do I get 5 places for 5 dollars?
    The hardest part is always the beginning -so 5 dollars will not give you 5 places but only 3 - that will be just an overview; I strongly recommend however not to be shy on your order - the more places I can search the more diversified your results will be and the happier you will be with results
  • Do you speak other languages?
    Yes - English, French, Dutch, Spanish and German.
  • Have you visited all the places?
    I have visited and marked a lot of places in my personal diaries - but I have not been to all places (yet) - the places are collected from information from friends and reliable sources. I always check all my sources and would never send someone to a place that doesn't exist.
  • How reliable are your sources?
    As reliable as my eyes and ears are. I select and ask around for the information from the following sources : books - specialised forums - magazines - tour guides - travel friends - personal experiences and sometimes travel agencies. All is done legally and with care to select the place for you.
  • What happens if I don't like the place you sent me to?
    I always make sure to communicate a lot with the client before searching for the places and the results are NOT refundable. Otherwise, I would have too many people telling me they don't like the places I picked in order to profit for more. That is why communication is key.