I will be your community manager

be your community manager

About This Gig

Do your company have an account on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and you don't know how to get more clients with it?

It's important for the costumer to know that your company cares about them, if they have questions, suggestions, claims and comments, the social medias are the best way to attend to the client in real time.

For $5, I will be your community manager in one social media like: Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for 2 days.

For $5 more, in this 2 days, I will post 2 times per day something about your company to get more visits and followers in the social media.

You need to:

  • Give me your account and password (I know that is a very delicate matter, but I'm a professional and its necessary for this to work. After finishing the service, change your password for security reasons.

If you don't have an account for your company, please contact me, I can create it for 5$ more. (Twitter, Instagram or page in facebook).

I'll be happy to know that I've done a good job for you, so if you consider that it was good enough, you can give me a little tip :)

Order Details

3 days delivery