I will make an itinerary for your visit to Croatia

make an itinerary for your visit to Croatia

About This Gig

Are you interested going to Croatia but don't know where to start?

Some of the services i can provide based on your personal preferences:

1) For the food lovers

Recommend you one or more bars and restaurants which matches your preferences (traditional, modern, exotic...)

2) For the history lovers

I can point you to the some of the most famous historical landmarks, castles, ruins, museums in Croatia, give you some backstory, inform you about the prices, working hours etc.

3) For music lovers

Whether you just want to hear some local bands or experience Croatian traditional music, there is no problem. No matter which genre you prefer, i can get you tickets, point you to the venues...

4) For nature lovers

If you want to relax, see some of most beautiful landscapes of continental Croatia, visit our national or parks of nature, there is a lot to offer. Rivers, plains or even swampland, i' ll provide you needed information, prices and accommodations.

I would just like to point out that, this service is for smaller groups, for up to four people, since i believe that more individual approach is better for my clients.

Hope to see you soon in Croatia!

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3 days delivery 2 Revisions

Itinerary (food,history,nature...)

Itinerary for your whole stay in Croatia