I will create any ajax request

create any ajax request
create any ajax request

About This Gig

if you need more magic on your website and make it more interactive with users  should using AJAX
basically AJAX is a technique  to share the data between the client and the server and database 

let's gonna say that you have a website with login system and the user register and every time the user wrong with the username and password the page loaded and lost the data.
or you have sign up system with a lot of fields and the user wrong with some filed and refresh the page  the data will disappear and he should write it again but with AJAX the data will stay and send by a magic way to the server 
gig package include 
  1. login and register system with full validation 
  2. search input field and bring the data while the writing 
  3. insert  update delete edit the data in the database 
  4. load more property  if you have a lot of data 

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create ajax request

make any ajax request and share data with server without refresh the page

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