I will perform full service malware cleaning of your wordpress site

perform full service malware cleaning of your wordpress site

About This Gig

Wordpress Security should not be nickel and dimed with packages that are not meant to completely secure your site. There is only ONE proper way to clean your wordpress site: Complete Cleaning.

There are 4 steps to completely clean your site and prevent Malware/Viruses from reinfecting your site:
1. Perform Security Audit of your Wordpress site and Database
2. Identify the Malware Entry point
3. Clean and patch the security breach
4. Configure Wordpress for better security

If you just clean a site without proper patching and configuration, your site will get reinfected no matter what because the entry point that the hacker uses will still be there to exploit. This is why i am providing a Full Service cleaning to my customers - complete service so that you don't have to worry or spend more money to re-fix what's already been fixed!

Stop worrying about your site and Focus on what matters most: Your Business!

*One order per Website

Order Details

1 day delivery

Full Service Package

Full Service Wordpress Malware Cleaning: Auditing, Cleanup, Security Hardening, Blacklist Removal

  • Website Backup
  • Vulnerability Testing
  • Software Version Upgrade
  • Security Patch Installation
  • Malware Removal
  • Blacklist Removal

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Google Blacklisting / Red Warning Removal
    If your site is blacklisted by google as a reported attack page, it will clear itself in 24-48 hours after cleaning. However for SEO injection (your site tagged with "Your site may be hacked" on google search results it may take around 2 weeks after submission for review.
  • My Site is suspended by my hosting provider
    Once i have informed that your site has been cleaned, you, as the site owner can inform your hosting provider that your site has been cleaned. As much as i'd like to help you communicate with your hosting provider, they usually will only talk to the account owner.
  • My site got reinfected after cleaning
    Not very likely but if it does happen i will re-review your site to determine the cause.