I will share ready startup checklist for any business

share ready startup checklist for any business

About This Gig

New to business?

Are you that entrepreneur with a potential business idea,  trying to get a team in place, there is so much to do to get operational, how to prioritize, find freelancers, deliver instructions, review their output, get expert perspectives, go digital, respond to leads, manage your own learning curve, what to do next?

You definitely do not want to miss on what is critical in business because you are new.

For a basic gig I will share a 200 item checklist on things to do depending on (1) What stage your business is right now (2) Industry (3) Short term and Long term Outcomes.

Each item has pointers which is self-explanatory.

Even if it is a business idea, scribbled on a sheet, scattered in different pockets of your brain – the sequenced checklist will provide direction and way forward.

I have been associated with Boutiques, Non-profits, School starts up, Training Institutes, new business migration in outsourcing environment dealing with multiple stakeholders, that gives me insight to have this sequence right.

The output is non-editable PDF format, not customized for your business. You can order an extra gig to get editable version

***Discuss before you order***