I will act out a scene for you

Thanks! The video follows the instructions according to what I had requested. It's cute and funny...and it works! Tell your friends that they did a good job too and I appreciate it.
Reviewed by dotrain4u over 3 years ago
act out a scene for you

About This Gig

If you have a video or show idea and you want to see it come to life, I will record it using me as the only actor for all the characters. It will be a cool and fun project, just message me a script and explain how you want the scenes to be and in what order and I will attempt to act or play them out as soon as I can. One gig gets you about a 1 minute long movie. If you want multiple scenes then purchase extra gigs or contact me so we can work together to figure out how you want it.

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10 days delivery


You give me a script to follow and I will act it out. 1 minute a gig.