I will help with a pitch deck or presentation for investment

help with a pitch deck or presentation for investment

About This Gig

My service:
Writing a business plan can be very difficult, time consuming and confusing so I'm here to help

I recommend contacting me first to discuss your objectives

I would be very happy to help with the following service:

  • Read your pitch deck or presentation
  • Make suggestions
  • Write your pitch deck or presentation
  • Give recommendations from someone who has submitted many business plans to investors

Please order extra gigs for in-depth recommendations and sections to be rewritten 

About me:
I have been involved in 7 different businesses of which I have sold one, raised funding for 2 and grown another organically that ran for 7 years. Each of the businesses have required business plans for bank loans, bank accounts, investors and clients. 

I look forward to discussing with you. 

1) BeBirbal www.bebirbal.com obtained $250,000 in funding from Jenson Solutions and was accepted into the startup programs run by Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Amazon

2) BudiPay www.budipay.com recently raised $500,000 from private investors and has been working with banks in India to offer our mobile bulk transfer technology to be used by banks for payroll and pension distribution