I will create a custom made 2D explainer video

create a custom made 2D explainer video
create a custom made 2D explainer video
create a custom made 2D explainer video
create a custom made 2D explainer video

About This Gig

✔  Get your MONEY BACK %100!
✔  Completely custom made professional quality animation
✔  Custom animations
✔  Custom graphics/illustrations
✔  5 free revisions
✔  Professional voice-over (extra)
✔  Professional scriptwriting (extra)
✔  Character animation (extra)
✔  It will take around 7 days to produce.

The package includes music, full HD, background imagery, logo and 5 free revisions. If you want voice-over and/or scriptwriting, please add it as an extra after choosing your package.

If you already have a script, please input the word count of your script before ordering. This will adjust the price accordingly.

Style: I produce custom made illustrations and graphics. So any style is welcome.

Voice-over: I only work with top grade voice-over professionals to help you grab your audience from the get go.

Scriptwriting: I work with several professional writers to produce a script that will leave your audience in awe and inspiration.

Character Animation
: Due to complexities of character animation, this is put down as extra.

Order Details

Custom Animation

Completely custom made explainer video. Extras available: Scriptwriting and Voice-Over.

  • 60 Seconds Running Time
  • Full HD (1080p)
  • Background Music
  • Background Imagery
  • Add Logo
7 days delivery 5 Revisions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you provide voice-over or scriptwriting services?
    Yes I do. I contract professionals to do so.
  • Why should I let you hire a professional voice-over artist? I have a microphone myself!
    Voice-over artists train their voices and acting skills so their intonations, wordings, pronunciations are %100 professional. Your audience will subconsciously be able to differentiate if you are using a professional voice over artist.
  • Why should I let you hire a professional scriptwriter? I can write my own script!
    Sometimes, even if it's your own company, it is difficult to communicate what your company is all about. A professional who's job is to communicate with words will help you take the first very important step on creating the best video for your customers.
  • I have a static character, he doesn't move or speak, do I need to pay extra for him?
    No, a static character is not considered "animated". Therefore you do not have to pay the extra for him.
  • What are the refund conditions?
    I am willing to refund if: - You are unhappy with the work I produced so far - You don't like where it is going - You do not like the script I produced - You do not like the voice over I produced I am unable to refund if: - The work is completed (you will get constant updates until then)