I will make a karaoke backing of a song

make a karaoke backing of a song

About This Gig

I will recreate the backing track of a song of your choosing using my extensive knowledge in this field. You won't find anyone else who can get the track sounding as accurate as I can as you can see in the links provided :D While I would love to be able to provide this service at $5, it will take many hours of hard work to create such orders so the basic gig starts at $50 and gig extras will be time based :)

1. Uptown Funk - https://soundcloud.com/gregory-unsworth/uptown-funk-karaoke

2. La La La - https://soundcloud.com/gregory-unsworth/la-la-la

3. Like I Can - https://soundcloud.com/gregory-unsworth/like-i-can

4. Earned it - https://soundcloud.com/gregory-unsworth/earned-it