I will write a catchy synth line for ANY music

write a catchy synth line for ANY music

About This Gig

*I can also copy synth lines from other songs* 

*$5 pays for a monophonic sine wave line (1 note at a time with basic synth sound)
*$10 extra pays for a polyphonic synth line (Harmonies)
*$20 extra pays for a custom created synth sound that you can request or I can create from scratch.
*$10 pays for added drums, synths or other instruments to the line that you may choose or I can compose to add to the synth line already to give it the proffessional all round package. (priced per instrument of an additional $10

I will create a catchy synth line (maximum 20 second seconds long) like those used by popular EDM artists (Alesso, Avicii, John Tejada etc) that will give your song the hook it needs to progress into success. Finding the right chordal structure, and harmonic progression combined with the most standout synth sound is a combination that takes time and effort to perfect and starting at $5, I will do all of this for you and provide you with a catchy, head turning synth line that people won't forget :)