I will draw your floor plan for your home

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draw your floor plan for your home
draw your floor plan for your home
draw your floor plan for your home

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Description Basic Lay Out View 2D and 3D Lay out in B/W Completed Lay out with 3D Rendered
  Basic lay out is drawing lay out plan just in simple 2D overview. I'll give you the lay out result in 2D and Perspective 3D in black and white view I'll Give you Completed Lay out in 2D, Persepctive 3D in Black and white, and 3D rendered view.
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About This Gig

I can draw your lay out (floor) plan in 2D and 3D as shown at gallery. So you can figure what you want for your home or interior design through seeing the lay out as shown at gallery.

the price : 

  • in 2D lay out : 1 gig per lay out. (maximum area about 150m2)
  • in 2D and 3D lay out : 2 gig (maximum area about 150m2) 


  1. I just draw your plan. Not designing/concepting. So you can make a simple rough sketch about your idea/concept to describe your plan and I will redrawing it as like the format that shown at gallery
  2. Please discuss about the work with me prior before you order the gig. It would prevent the misunderstanding about the work and the price.
  3. out put : pdf file

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you speak in English
    Yes I do, but please forgive me if there's the word or sentence that seem impolite. I don't realy mean that, It might just because of I don't realy know about how to talk officially in your regional commonly conversation.