I will add your face and biz photos on your card

add your face and biz photos on your card

About This Gig

This card is very helpful to save for Mankind and "We The People". What excite about use your personal Information such as how will they contact you --- Email and Phone Numbers along with Your Main (face) Photo next to it your business photo, too. That will makes it looks real sharp.  

They will like to remember who they got this card from... by looking at photo of you and they will contact you much sooner than you thought, Wink! :) 

They want get information... buy your card 1. Values Information 2. Your Business 3.  profits, Profits and PROFITS !!! HA!
* People * Love & Relationship * Clubhouses * School * Games
* Profits  * Cut Down on Taxes * Society * Much & Much More...

I found reasonable prices for order 100, 200 or 300 copies of your card through Dallas of Beautiful Night City from right here FIVERR ... find (Dallas, Texas) at:  

May Your Dreams Comes True...,.... To Your Success and Thank You for Your Business. By Fond of Success & Victory!  Patricia C. Meek

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