About This Gig

The Washington, DC, metro area is one of the worst in the nation for traffic. This is GREAT NEWS for YOU! While I drive my car in this mess with your website or ad chalked on the rear glass or both side windows (See extras for both rear and side windows), your business can be attracting a lot of new visitors/customers to your site. (Mon - Fri) I will write the name of your business or website ad and keep it on my car during rush hour 6am to 12 pm or 12pm to 6 pm while I drive all over the metropolitan area (***3 lines of text max, 12 characters per line MAX or if it's a long word, it will be divided into 2 lines the key is 36 characters total). I will send you at least 1 picture of the process and traffic. I will also do my best to get a short video clip permitting it's safe to do so. If you have more than 36 characters, PLEASE DON'T ORDER! I will send a cancellation request.