I will automatize and optimize your works in Office

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automatize and optimize your works in Office

About This Gig

I know that feeling of striking the same keys over and over again, month after month, over that same spreadsheet or document that keeps you for hours in front of your computer. And that dreaded feeling of finally sitting to deal with this task that you already know it'll take an insane amount of time... Your time's valuable! Let's analyze your tasks in the Office suite to optimize, automatize and hasten your work. You can present nice-looking, quick and effective solutions in your spreadsheets, documents and presentations. 

I can help you with:

  • Pivot Tables.
  • Tables.
  • Any solution requiring formulas.
  • Macros.
  • Any VBA code, including connections to MS Access databases.

  • Insert data in booksmarks.
  • Paste data from other MS apps.

  • Automate presentations from Excel to Powerpoint.
  • Link data with Powerpoint from Excel table.

Do send me your questions and let's upgrade your work to the next level!

Order Details

I will help you with Excel formulas

I will use specific Excel formulas to get what you want to do (don't forget to ask before buying!)

  • Include Source Code
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