I will sell you a planetary deed

sell you a planetary deed
sell you a planetary deed

About This Gig

Trying to find a perfect gift for a friend or family member, but you can't find something good for cheap?  Why not buy them a planet?  Actually, it is a planetary claim for a fictional planet in the massive-online space flight simulator:  Elite: Dangerous.

The Dagger and Crone Research and Exploration Initiative (DCREI) is dedicated to the exploration of space in the game Elite: Dangerous. In order to fund these endeavors, we are offering up a unique Planetary Claim Deed of individual planets that we discover, along with a picture of it.  Customers can name the planet (note: this does not change its name "In-Game"), and the owner of the claim, making this a perfect gift (or gag).

For an additional fee, we can include 6 additional screenshots of your planet to show the full planetary landscape, and any landmarks.  Planetary landing images can be included, as well.

For an additional fee, we will include a scientific data report on your planet, that details the following:  Planet Type, Gravity rating, Mass, Radius, Temperature, Minerals, and MUCH MORE!

Note: This is derivative art, creating using data and images from Elite: Dangerous.

Order Details

2 days delivery

Planetary Claim Package

Planetary Claim Certificate and rendered picture of planet.