I will promote your CHRISTIAN ministry or cause in facebook

promote your CHRISTIAN ministry or cause in facebook

About This Gig

Facebook is a perfect example of an easy free way to connect with others and share your faith. If you think it’s costly in terms of time, you’re mistaken. It’s an investment. In fact, using online communication is the fastest, cheapest way to connect with large groups of people sharing their faith !

People who don’t understand the value of social media see no point in ‘wasting time’ connecting with others online. However, we have an opportunity to encourage believers to spread out and focus on sharing our faith with those who may need it most. All too often we’ve got too many ‘fellows in the same ship’ if you know what I mean. Online communication is really a modern-day parallel for getting to know your neighbors.

Since the Good News is meant to be shared, it will only serve the Kingdom if we use online means to augment our physical world relationships

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29 days delivery 1 Revision

Social Media Marketing

Facebook Page Management and Facebook Marketing ..Finding your Potentials Customers online

  • 10 Social Media Posts
  • 4 Weeks of Account Management
  • Tailored Marketing Plan
  • Campaign Development