I will cast a powerful MONEY and Wealth spell for you

cast a powerful MONEY and Wealth spell for you
cast a powerful MONEY and Wealth spell for you
cast a powerful MONEY and Wealth spell for you

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  10 minute casting, great for minor money needs and issues + 1 FREE Booster Spell. 30 minute casting + 2 FREE recasts Powerful wealth magnetism with impacting results. 60 minute casting + 5 FREE recasts. Extremely powerful spell for large shifts in financial energy
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About This Gig

Welcome to the Pagan Priestess' extremely powerful money spell. I am one of only a few genuine Pagan High Priestesses and seventh generation Celtic Pagan. I perform ancient Wicca magic on all my spells, and it is my deepest desire in life to serve others and to help and heal with my spells. This spell is an extremely powerful Wicca spell that uses a very old pagan magic performed in ancient tongue. This spell is unique and has been passed down in my family for seven generations. 

So many people have worked hard but not been financially rewarded for their efforts.

This spell is for people who:

  • Would like to live a better life but don’t have the money to make it happen
  • Need money to stop flowing away and start flowing towards them
  • Are ready for wealth and have thought about what they would do with the money

**Please only order this spell if you are prepared for financial gain, this is an extremely powerful spell and cannot be reversed**


  • Thousands of clients worldwide

  • Hundreds of 5 STAR Reviews on Fiverr

  • Committed and ethical caster

  • Trusted Level 2 Seller

  • Ongoing support and follow up

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I order this spell for someone else?
    This spell can be cast for one person at a time. It can be yourself or for someone else, with their permission.
  • Can this spell really make me rich?
    Yes! But only if you are ready. This spell has worked for hundreds of people so far, and they all got exactly what they we're wanting and ready for. If you are ready and able to accept large changes this spell WILL WORK.
  • Does this spell ever not work?
    This spell ALWAYS produces and effect. Basic spells are for SMALL gains. Advanced spells are for BIG financial changes. The only thing that will hinder how much this spell brings you is if you are not willing to flow with its energy and change.
  • Do I need to do anything?
    You do not need to do anything to ensure this works, only open yourself up for the financial changes that are coming.
  • How long does this spell take to work?
    The effects will start talking place 24-48 hours after the first cast. The amount of time before the spell is fulfilled will depend on how much you need/want. If you want a little it wont take long, if you want a lot I strongly recommend LIFETIME CASTING so you will not be disappointed.