I will send You A Charged Digital Healing Crystal for $5

/ 2 Days On Average
send You A Charged Digital Healing Crystal
send You A Charged Digital Healing Crystal

About This Gig


We positively charge and send 'Digital Healing Crystals', which you can then put on your phone. pc, print, frame, gift.

Crystals hold huge amounts energy even when photographed, this has been proven. You're phone and pc run on crystals tiny grains of sand.

Below is just an overview, we have hundreds more available, with more detail. Request a list if you wish or chat to us about which crystal will best suit you. Crystals are the most powerful objects on the planet,

Salt crystal rocks improve the quality of air  .

Rose quartz  soothing and calming a person..

Jade  heart and kidney.

Amethysts reduces occurrence of nightmares

Fluorite is a crystal that guards one against picking negative energies

Lapis is an Egyptian energy crystal believed to unlock mysteries and help one move through emotional and confusion blocks.

Kyanite is a blue crystal that facilitates channeling and opens communication centers to contact with your angels and guides.

Obsidian crystals are perfect protective and grounding agents that come in various varieties.

Citrine is a beautiful yellow crystal that helps people manifests your goals.