SEO & SEM Tactics for Success Get a digital marketing strategy that works

Step 1: Find the right Keywords

To get started, identify keywords that prospective customers are likely to use when searching for products and services similar to your own. Your approach to keyword research will vary slightly by which step you’re on: SEO or SEM.

Step 2: Perfect Your SEO

In SEO, your goal should be to understand the keyword landscape of a topic. What keywords do people search for, and what does this tell you about the user’s intent to buy? Utilize this keyword knowledge to optimize your website with relevant content, and find gaps between what you offer and what potential customers want.

Step 3: Execute in SEM

For SEM, your goal should be to find the keywords that have the most money-making potential for the cost-per-click you pay. You should focus on keywords that suggest a purchase (or goal completion) and that represent a category that is profitable for you. Drive up your Quality Score on Google by using these keywords in your campaigns, ad groups, ad copy, and on your landing pages. You can also use SEM campaigns to help your SEO strategy; if you find a promising keyword, run a test ad to gauge its impact before updating your entire website to include it.