I will write a personalized childrens story for you

write a personalized childrens story for you

About This Gig

Is your childs birthday coming up? Does she love having bed time stories about one specific thing, and you're running out of books on purple pandas? Look no further!

I am a published writer (with two more books just waiting on illustrations to be finished before they, too, are published) and would love to help you out! All you need to do is tell me what sort of story your child wants, and I'll make it happen!

500 words per gig.

For all published works you, the buyer, will gain full copy right. In return, I request that my name (Katelynn E. Koontz) be listed as author. If you want to be listed as the sole author, please see my add ons for this gig.

I offer ONE free revision per order. Please read through the gig add-on's. I can write in any PoV and any tense.