I will give you a horoscope based reading

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Fast service and detailed reading, highly recommended!
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The best of Fiverr psychics. Absolutely accurate but also insightful and very detailed. Thanks for taking the time and the effort, it makes a difference!
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Don't bother reading any more reviews... Palmreader37 is the real deal .. ths x;D
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Lightening fast response; very professional 3-page document! Recommended!
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give you a horoscope based reading

About This Gig

Thanks to my years of experience in astrology, I will give you a custom, horoscope based, astrological reading. You will get a chart with the position of the planets and the Moon at time of your birth.  Based  on these positions I will make the reading which will be at least 600 words long. 

All I need is the date, the time and the place of your birth.