I will provide you with a PSYCHIC dream analysis for $5

/ 3 Days On Average
provide you with a PSYCHIC dream analysis
provide you with a PSYCHIC dream analysis

About This Gig

You have a dream that is happening over and over again? Does it bring you discomfort? You want to know what it means for your life? Using my experience and knowledge of dream analysis and interpretation I will help you find the meaning of your dreams. Dream analysis is a well established discipline of psychology that has been around since ancient times. Dreams can give important insights into ones mind. Their proper analysis can bring significant advantages in cases of stress and uncertainty caused by going through difficult times. The analysis can also uncover various mental 'blocks' and the real causes of unexplained stress. In some cases dreams can have precognitive qualities that is they can predict the future. Proper analysis of a such dream can bring enormous advantage. I can tell how to avoid a potentially dangerous situation and how to embrace the one that will help you. I can tell you what to look out for in your life and the life of those around you.